Skilled Visas

Have you got a skilled occupation – or are you not sure? Looking to apply for a general skilled visa? Click here to explore your options.


Partner Visas

Are you in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident? Looking for a Child or Last Remaining Relative visa? More info is here.


Parent Visas

If you are a parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident this is the website for you. Click on GM Parents for details about your options.


Business Visas

Are you a business owner that wants to move to Australia?
More details are here.


Investor Visas

Have you been a successful investor in the last few years? Australia is looking for you! Click here for advice on your visa strategy.


Welcome to Go Matilda Visas

We are a company that provides Australian migration and visa assistance to individuals that are moving to Australia, to businesses that want to set up in Australia, and to working holiday makers that want to spend a year or two down under.

Our associate contacts include tax and financial planning services, shipping, banking, and foreign currency specialists.

And there’s more:

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There’s heaps of information here to help you find out more about your move to Australia – if you want to discuss your visa options and are looking for a no obligation fixed fee quotation for assistance with your Australian visa application, don’t hesitate to contact us or complete the form on this page. We’ll be delighted to help.

Who are Go Matilda Visas?

Go Matilda Visas is a team of dedicated professionals with more than 80 years of combined expertise helping individuals move to Australia and businesses start up in Australia, including:

  • Advising on Australian visa strategy
  • Preparing and managing Australian visa applications through to the granting of visas

We have an excellent reputation, a friendly team of advisors, and offices in the UK and in Australia.

Contact us now for a free initial discussion about your plans for moving to Australia. We will be pleased to confirm our fees without any obligation on your part to use Go Matilda Visas.

Our fees are fixed in amount and are payable in stages once you have instructed us.

Why use Go Matilda Visas?

We know that moving to Australia is a significant decision in your life. Several of us have done it ourselves. We will give you an honest opinion on your visa strategy and prospects for success Рwith experienced professional advisors, and fixed fees that are agreed up front and are only paid in stages as your application progresses Go Matilda Visas is the preferred solution for those who want to move to Australia.

We look forward to hearing from you.